K.17. Knee tape to sustain tibial external rotation after MWM

Start the tape on medial aspect of tibia immediately below medial knee joint line. The uper edge of the tape lies over patella tendon (2 cm below knee cap)
End the tape on anterior-medial side of femur

to sustain effect of tibio external rotation MWM

Painful and/or restricted knee flexion (or extension) movement or patellofemoral pain

IMPORTANT information and notes:
  • Apply tape while client stand with foot slightly external rotated, knee slightly flexed (5-10 degrees) and femur internally rotated, to increase tape tension
  • Tension needs to be maximal
  • Use two layers of tape for maximal effect (with equal tension)
  • To avoid skin irritation use a commercial underwrap to protect the skin from friction and chafing.
  • Use non-stretch sports tape (50 mm) with underwrap (to avoid skin reaction)  
  • Never leave the tape more than 48 hours
  • If there is any irritation remove the tape immediately.
  • Ensure that after taping the provocative movement is less painful and ROM is improved.
  • Ensure NO PAIN, no discomfort