M.21. Heel tape for plantar fasciitis

Start the first tape obliquely around the back of the heel, have the calcaneum externally rotated.
End the tape on the lower leg.

Apply the second tape over the first to make the fixation more effective.

to alter the position of the calcaneum in relation to the talus

Painful heel – Plantar Fasciitis

IMPORTANT information and notes:
  • After taping, client will have difficulty to walk because of the repositioning, but NO PAIN should be felt! After a few minutes of walking tape will stretch and it should feel fine.
  • Remove tape after 48 hours and check result
  • Continue taping for a week or two/three. Client can be taught to self-tape.
  • To avoid skin irritation use a commercial underwrap to protect the skin from friction and chafing.
  • Use non-stretch sports tape (20 mm) with underwrap (to avoid skin reaction)  
  • Never leave the tape more than 48 hours
  • If there is any irritation remove the tape immediately.
  • Ensure that after taping the provocative movement is less painful and ROM is improved.
  • Ensure NO PAIN, no discomfort