How to become a Certified MULLIGAN™ Practitioner

The CMP process is a unique professional pathway to assist you to better develop your clinical skills and reasoning for the ultimate benefit of your clients.  The CMP certification process is focused on assisting the clinician in a formal process to better develop their knowledge base and skill competence in the Mulligan Concept, and then have that competency evaluated by peer review/examination process.

CMP’s are a referral source for other clinicians and the general public, seeking treatment from clinicians who achieved a recognised level of competence in the Mulligan Concept.  The successful CMP practitioner will be eligible to have their names listed on the Mulligan ( web sites; they could also be listed on other regional websites.

The assessment process for the CMP credentialing includes both a didactic and manual skills assessment; the pass mark is 80% as high competence is expected. Upon successful completion of the examination process these clinicians will be recognised as Certified Mulligan Practitioners (CMP).

Notification on teaching:  Individuals who pass the CMP qualifying exam are NOT entitled to, nor are they recognized by the MCTA to formally teach MULLIGAN™ Concept courses.


Those eligible to apply for the CMP exam include: Physical Therapists, Medical Doctors, Osteopaths, and Chiropractors (Note: RMT, ATC, OT, PTA, and COTA are not eligible). To be admitted to the CMP examination process, applicants must have completed all of the following courses provided by accredited MCTA teachers. (See “Find a course”).

  3. Part C: ADVANCED COURSE: MWM, “NAGS”, “SNAGS”, PRPs, Clinical Progressions AND MORE

In some regions, other courses may be offered such as an Introductory Course and other specific courses; while recommended these are not the primary courses required to be completed for the CMP process.

Clinical Experience with  MULLIGAN™Concept is highly recommended. It is the expectation of the MCTA that individuals who have taken the recommended course work and have clinical experience with the  MULLIGAN™Concept, should to be successful with the exam process. The assessment content is based on Brian Mulligan’s 6th edition text as a clinical resource and guide for developing further understanding and skill in the  MULLIGAN™Concept.

All Certified  MULLIGAN™ Practitioners have met the conditions and qualifications outlined by the MCTA to be listed as a Certified MULLIGAN™ Practitioner. Beyond documenting the above Certification requirements, the MCTA makes no representation as to the overall professional qualifications or competence of those listed and does not necessarily recommend or endorse the services of those listed. To retain their CMP status and listing in our directory, CMPs are expected to maintain the highest ethical professional conduct and promote and support the mission of the International  MULLIGAN™ Concept