In the spotlight this week:

General Comments on Mobilisations With Movements

  • Remember that “MWMS” when indicated are never painful.
  • Remember that overpressure is essential to gain the maximum benefit from a MWM”.
  • Remember to do a sufficient number of repetitions as by doing so they have a more lasting effect and seem to restore the options to the joint to stay on track or in position.
  • Remember with all applications of “MWM” for painful joint restrictions, that the direction of your glide is critical. Pain may be produced if you are slightly of the treatment plane. Minor alterations to the gliding direction can make a tremendous difference.
  • Remember to instruct the patients whenever possible to do their own “MWMS”.
  • Remember whenever possible to tape the patient’s joint in a corrected position for two days and repeat the taping as necessary.
  • Remember that other forms of therapy can be given concurrently.
  • Remember to use them as part of your assessment to see if they are indicated.

Source:Manual Therapy, NAGS, SNAGS, MWMS etc. by Brian R Mulligan, 7th edition.