N.6. Shoulder Elevation MWM: End Range

https://vimeo.com/207475280 MOBILISATIONPostero-lateral glide of humerus on stabilized scapula MOVEMENTShoulder elevation through hip/lumbar flexion with client’s hand on wall INDICATIONSPain with, or restriction of, end range shoulder elevation NOTES Use wall counter-pressure to stabilize practitioner’s elbow and client’s hands Have client flex at waist to achieve shoulder elevation end range loading overpressure

G.11. Hip Flexion SMWLM: Side Lying

https://vimeo.com/207469978 MOBILISATIONMedial glide through thumb pad pressure of side of spinous process  MOVEMENTHip flexion in full knee extension INDICATIONSPain with, or restriction of, hip flexion in straight leg position related to lumbar dysfunction NOTES Firm mobilisation pressure may be required Use foam padding for comfort Perform only three repetitions on day one

G.5. Lumbar Extension SNAG: Prone

https://vimeo.com/266297622MOBILISATIONAntero-cranial glide through spinous or one transverse process MOVEMENTLumbar extension in lying INDICATIONSPain with, or restriction of, lumbar extension in lying NOTESVary vector of glide through range to track with the dynamic treatment plane